Here at Peppermint Coast Brighton we are a bespoke boutique salon specialising in Advanced and Corrective Colouring and Keratin Smoothing Services.
We will be celebrating 🍾 our 5th Anniversary in early January 2024.
Collectively we have over 60 years experience in the industry in both Australia and the UK.
We pride ourselves on the intimate one on one experience that we provide for our guests, educating them in personalised home haircare to ensure optimum integrity of the hair to fulfil on your hair goals while using a largely Organic range of retail products and low ammonia colours.
Our professional product partners are NAK Australia.

It's All About My Story

It's All About My Story

Stacey Davies
Salon Owner/ Director

– 37 years industry experience in both Australia and UK
– Award winning stylist
– Colour /Cutting Specialist
– Performance Coach
– Hobbies- Pilates, Yoga, Gym
– Passions- Her son Rhys, 2 puppies Tango & Cash, Hubby Jason and her Team
– Loves Coffee, Chocolate and Wine lol

Stacey Davies

It's All About My Story

Kye Reid-Selbach
Senior Stylist

– 3 years Industry Experience
– Ky loves blonding and fun colours
– Loves bringing the energy to help you embrace your inner fun side and beauty
– Hobbies- Cooking and drawing 
– Passions- Family, friends and meeting new people

Kye Reid-Selbach

It's All About My Story

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Angela Burley

Our Awesome Team

We Have Solutions

This is where you can introduce the experts in your team.

Christina Koller


Janet Brooks

Co. Founder

Maria Garrett

Customer Care

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