We have recently celebrated our 2nd birthday and although we have only been established in the area for a short time, our team has over 35 years of experience in the industry combined which includes training in both the United Kingdom.

It's All About My Story

It's All About My Story

I have had the honour and the privilege of working in the industry now for over 35 years in a variety of roles both here in Australia as well as working and training in London in the United Kingdom. Although I’ve been involved in both competition and stage work, my passion is in salon, face to face with my guests. I opened my very first salon over 10 years ago and earned myself 2 winning places as “Best New Business” and “Best Service Related” Awards in my first year of opening, which encouraged me to keep going today in my newest endeavour.
I am steadily building a team of top stylists with exceptional experience and a passion for colouring, cutting and having the guests to the salon leave with the experience that not only are they in safe hands, they are being listened too.

Stacey Davies

It's All About My Story

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Angela Burley

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